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Yoke Brake w/Pins Revo (Part # TRA5457)

Traxxas (TRA)

Yoke Brake w/Pins Revo (Part # TRA5457)


           This is the Brake Yoke w/Pins for the Traxxas Revo.               
              It is use on the Center/Front Driveshaft Assembly.               
FEATURES: Plastic Brake Yoke                                                   
          Steel Brake Pins(each knurled on one end)                            
          Steel Screw Pins                                                     
INCLUDES: One Brake Yoke                                                       
          Two Brake Pins                                                       
          One Screw Pin                                                        
REQUIRES: Assembly to the vehicle                                              
SPECS:    Brake Yoke Outer Diameter:      18.5mm (.73")                        
          Brake Yoke Center Key Size:  4mm x 6mm (.17" x .24")                 
          Brake Yoke Length:                24mm (.95")                        
          Screw Pin Size:             4mm x 15mm (Threaded length-5mm)         
          Brake Pin Size:             3mm x 20mm (.12" x .8")                  
COMMENTS: Brake Yoke Center is "keyed" to have a positive fit to the shaft.

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