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WING SERVO HS-125MG:U (Part # HS125MG)


WING SERVO HS-125MG:U (Part # HS125MG)

$39.99 $59.95

          This is the Hitec HS-125 Thin Metal Gear Wing Servo with           
                         Universal Connector Plug.                             
   Connector is compatible with all modern receivers and wiring accessories    
  This Servo mounts on its side for wing applications where space is tight.    
FEATURES: Dual ball bearings.                                                  
          Indirect drive potentiometer for long life.                          
INCLUDES: One Hitec HS-125 Thin Metal Gear Wing Servo with, two pieces double  
            sided mounting tape, two one arm nylon servo arms, one 2mm x 8mm   
            servo arm mounting screw, three 2mm x 5mm phillips screws, and one 
            3mm star washer                                                    
REQUIRES: Installing on model, attaching linkages, and connecting to receiver. 
SPECS:    Wire color codes: Black-Ground, Red-Power, Yellow-Signal             
          Operating speed: 0.17 sec @ 60° @ 4.8V                               
          Torque: 41.6 oz-in (3 kg-cm)                                         
          Weight: 0.84oz (24g)                                                 
          Length: 1.18" (30mm)                                                 
          Width:  0.39" (10mm)                                                 
          Height: 1.33" (34mm)                                                 
          Wire length: 12" (305mm) approximate                                 
                                                                    JXS 7/12/02
BOX DIMENSIONS:    2.00" W. X   1.88" H. X   2.50" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .08 LBS.

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