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WHITE PUTTY (Part # SQU9065)


WHITE PUTTY (Part # SQU9065)


           This is a 2.5 Oz. Tube of White Putty from Squadron Tools.          
FEATURES: Fine grained White filler.                                           
          Ideal for filling seams, sink holes and recontouring.                
          Dries hard, has little shrinkage and sands smooth.                   
          Easy to paint over without primer.                                   
          Carded packaging.                                                    
INCLUDES: One 2.5 Oz. Tube of White Putty.                                     
SPECS:    Neet Wt.: 2.5 Oz. (65g)                                              
                                                                   sdw 10/23/01
BOX DIMENSIONS:    3.70" W. X   1.00" H. X   8.50" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .21 LBS.

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