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Tail Wheel -  3/4 (PART# SUL351)


Tail Wheel - 3/4 (PART# SUL351)


These treaded, shock-absorbing rubber tires hug the ground and take the bounce 
out of hard landings. For use as scale tail wheels on large models or main     
wheels on smaller, 1/2A models. One per package.                               
INCLUDES: One Solid rubber tire with a machined aluminum hub                   
SPECS: Size: 3/4"x5/16" (19.0x7.1mm)                                           
       Axle: 1/16"  (1.5mm)                                                    
       Weight: .07oz (2.0g)                                                    
COMMENTS: Axle holes may be drilled out to accomodate larger axles.  

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