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Spur Gear 32P 66T Nitro HAWK (Part # TRA3166)

Traxxas (TRA)

Spur Gear 32P 66T Nitro HAWK (Part # TRA3166)


     This package contains the direct replacement 66tooth 32pitch spur         
gear that comes included with the Traxxas Nitro Hawk.                          
FEATURES: direct replacement black plastic construction                        
INCLUDES: 1  66tooth 32pitch spur gear                                         
SPECIFICATIONS: 2 1/8" diameter, 3/8" thick                                    
REQUIRES: nothing, this is a replacement part                                  
COMMENTS: the rulon slipper pegs that are installed in the 12 inner            
          holes of the spur gear are TRAC9685.                                 
AXY 1/10/94                                                                    
BOX DIMENSIONS:    2.50" W. X    .25" H. X   3.00" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .03 LBS.

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