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NOSE GEAR _ BENT (Part # DUB152)


NOSE GEAR _ BENT (Part # DUB152)


         This is a Complete Steering Assembly w/ 5/32" Heavy Duty Wire.        
              This is a Shock Absorbing Bent Steerable Nose Gear.              
FEATURES: Nylon, Brass, & Steel construction                                   
INCLUDES: One 5/32" bent nose gear wire 6-1/2" long  5/32" diameter.           
          One nylon steering arm (see DUBQ1335 for specs)                      
          Two nylon gear blocks w/included hdwr(see DUBQ1325 for specs & info) 
REQUIRES: Installation.                                                        
COMMENTS: This includes all the hardware to install it onto the plane.         
          Nose Gear wire is coiled 4 times at approximatly 2-3/4" from top.    
                                                                    tjt 0401002
BOX DIMENSIONS:    3.25" W. X    .75" H. X   9.25" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .14 LBS.

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