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Front Spindle Blocks Black (2) (PART# RPM73292)


Front Spindle Blocks Black (2) (PART# RPM73292)

$9.99 $10.95

            This is a pair of optional RPM Front Spindle Blocks               
              for the ECX 2WD Torment, Ruckus, Circuit and Boost.              
FEATURES: Molded from engineering grade nylon                                  
          Retains all stock geometry for easy installation                     
          Bumps up bearing size from 5x10mm to 5x11mm for higher load and      
            fatigue rating, longer life and better performance                 
INCLUDES: Two RPM Front Spindle Blocks                                         
REQUIRES: Four 5x11x4mm bearings (order two DTXC1547)                          
COMMENTS: Will not fit 4 wheel drive versions. 

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