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TRA1651 Half Shafts U-Joints Blue Eagle LS (2)

Traxxas (TRA)

TRA1651 Half Shafts U-Joints Blue Eagle LS (2)


  This is a pair of half shafts (swing shafts or dog bones) which will work    
with most Traxxas electric vehicles, the Nitro Street and the Nitro Buggy.     
But these will not work with the Nitro Hawk (they are too short).              
         White plastic half shafts with universal joint ends                   
         Metal universal joints                                                
         (2) inside shafts                                                     
         (2) outside shafts                                                    
         (4) universal joints (metal balls with 4 pins sticking out in a cross 
Dimensions: Compressed length: 1 11/16"                                        
Requires: Nothing else required                                                
                                                        Entered 1/15/94 RDT    
BOX DIMENSIONS:    2.50" W. X    .38" H. X   3.00" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .06 LBS.

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