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Top Gear Machined 22T SRT  (Part # TRA3195X)

Traxxas (TRA)

Top Gear Machined 22T SRT (Part # TRA3195X)

$5.89 $6.00

      This is the Optional Nylon Top Gear for many Traxxas Vehicles.           
This top gear works on these Traxxas vehicles (as of the date of writing) in   
      conjunction with the optional aluminum idler gear (TRAC7998).            
          Bandit    Rad 2    Rustler    Stampede    Nitro Street   SRT         
          Nitro Buggy     Nitro Hawk     Hawk 2     Blue Eagle LS/LSII         
FEATURES: Machined Nylon 22T Top Drive Gear                                    
INCLUDES: One Nylon Top Drive Gear                                             
COMMENTS: This gear MUST be used in conjunction with the aluminum idler gear   
            because if you use the stock top gear you would have metal on metal
            which could cause interference.                                    
                                                                  snew 07/10/00
BOX DIMENSIONS:    2.50" W. X    .50" H. X   3.00" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .01 LBS.

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