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Hangar 9 (HAN)


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Looking for a reliable fast charger that will handle all your charging needs? A charger that will reliably peak charge all types of transmitters, regardless of brand, polarity, or if the transmitter has a built-in diode? One that will handle all types and sizes of 4- and 5-cell receiver packs, including the new breed of Nickel Metal Hydride batteries? A charger that you can use to fast peak charge glow drivers at the field? One that will let you charge both transmitter and receiver packs separately or both at the same time? Hangar 9's new Double Vision Charger does this—and a whole lot more.
The Double Vision Fast Field Charger is packed with smart features not found in any other chargers in its class. The Double Vision features two independent charge circuits: one for charging 9.6-volt transmitter packs and the other for charging 4.8-volt (4-cell) and 6-volt (5-cell) receiver packs. Both circuits fast charge at a constant 800mA and automatically trickle after a fast charge at 80mA.

It takes about 45 minutes to charge a totally dead 600mAh transmitter or receiver pack. Plus, the Double Vision allows you to independently or simultaneously charge transmitter and receiver packs. Microprocessor circuitry insures an accurate peak cutoff every time. The Double Vision will even charge Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. (Many peak charges won't because of the soft voltage fallback associated with these cells.)

Two bar graphs on the face of the charger (one for the transmitter and one for the receiver) display the percentage of charge throughout the charge cycle. This is extremely useful, as it constantly shows the charge condition of the batteries. This information can be used for determining how much the batteries were discharged before charging and approximately how long it will take before the batteries will be fully charged.

The Double Vision is unique in that it can charge all brands of transmitters, regardless of polarity or if the transmitter has a diode built in. A "TX Polarity" switch located on the charger is switched to match the correct transmitter used. Choose either the "JR" position for JR radios or "STD" (standard) for Futaba, Hitec, Airtronics, KO, Multiplex, or other transmitters. If the switch is accidentally left in the wrong position and you push the "Charge" button, nothing will happen. A universal transmitter plug is attached that fits all transmitters. If the transmitter you are charging has a diode, just push and hold the "Start" button for 10 seconds and a normal charge cycle will begin bypassing the diode.

Other features include a glow driver charger that fast charges and peak detects any single-cell glow igniter, voltmeter jacks that allow you to monitor the transmitter and receiver voltage, and long 6-foot input leads that make charging further from the battery source possible. Plus, the charge is reverse-polarity and fuse-protected.

Small and compact, Hangar 9's Double Vision meets all of your charging needs. Check out the Double Vision today and see for yourself why it's the ultimate charger.

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