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EZ-Start Quick Connector (Part # TRA4579)

Traxxas (TRA)

EZ-Start Quick Connector (Part # TRA4579)


  This is the stock replacement Quick Connector set for the Traxxas EZ Start.  
FEATURES: All wires included in an EZ starting system                          
INCLUDES: One complete Wire Set with connectors                                
          Two zip ties                                                         
          One adhesive foam pad                                                
REQUIRES: The remainder of the EZ Starting system.                             
COMMENTS: This does not include the connector and box which attaches to the    
            7.2V battery pack for use on the EZ starting system. (TRAP4580)    
                                                                   cmc 11/13/01
BOX DIMENSIONS:    3.00" W. X    .50" H. X   3.25" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .04 LBS.

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