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AIR FILTER (Part # TRA4060)

Traxxas (TRA)

AIR FILTER (Part # TRA4060)


          This is the Air Filter for Traxxas Nitro Powered Vehicles.           
       This Filter fits over the carburetor and prolongs engine life by        
                   preventing dirt from entering engine.                       
FEATURES: Constructed of black rubber with oiled foam insert.                  
INCLUDES: One Air Filter for Traxxas Nitro Powered Vehicles with rubber boot,  
            tie strap, and foam insert.                                        
REQUIRES: Installing boot over carburetor opening and securing with tie strap. 
SPECS:    Height: 1.30" (33mm)                                                 
          Diameter of boot at carburetor opening: 0.31" (8mm)                  
                                                                    JXS 4/24/02
BOX DIMENSIONS:    3.00" W. X   1.25" H. X   6.00" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .03 LBS.

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