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THREAD COUPLER 4-40(.095) (2) (Part # GPMQ3832)


THREAD COUPLER 4-40(.095) (2) (Part # GPMQ3832)

$1.49 $2.19

The Threaded Couplers help to form a strong link between control cables, wires,
and control ends.                                                              
INCLUDES: Two 4-40(.095") solder-on/threaded couplers                          
FEATURES: The couplers solder onto the cable or wire to allow                  
            attachment of threaded clevises or ball links.                     
          The couplers will fit .095" (4-40) wire cable                        
          Corrosion resistant bonds when soldered to brass plated cables or    
COMMENTS: Customer will need to purchase the clevises, ball links and solder   

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