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THREAD COUPLER 2-56 (1/16) (2) (Part # GPMQ3830)


THREAD COUPLER 2-56 (1/16) (2) (Part # GPMQ3830)


   This item is a piece of brass, threaded on one end, and drilled on the    
                 other to be soldered onto a piece of wire.                    
FEATURES: Brass threaded coupler for attachment of clevises                    
            onto regular wire                                                  
INCLUDES: Two 2-56 (1/16") solder-on/threaded couplers                         
COMMENTS: Uses 2-56 clevises. Solders onto 1/16" wire.                         
REQUIRES: Soldering and soldering iron                                         
COMMENTS: The 1/16" measurement is the ID of the wire opening, this fits       
            fine wire or braided throttle cable. To fit 2-56 wire, you need    

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