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NYLON STRUT FITTING 6-32 (4) (Part # GPMQ4258)


NYLON STRUT FITTING 6-32 (4) (Part # GPMQ4258)

$2.29 $2.49

           This is the Great Planes 6-32 Nylon Strut Fitting.                 
FEATURES: Great for custom projects                                            
          Made of nylon                                                        
          Angled about 30°                                                     
INCLUDES: Four Strut fittings                                                  
          One Instructions (part of header card)                               
REQUIRES: #6 wood screws (GPMQ3130) and 6-32 threaded studs secured with epoxy 
            (we do not carry this threaded stud, we suggest using a            
          6-32 bolt (GPMQ3042) and cut off the head)                           
COMMENTS: Angle can be adjusted by heating the fitting.  

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