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HDADJ CONTROL .91 (Part # DUB913)


HDADJ CONTROL .91 (Part # DUB913)

$12.30 $12.95

          These are two Dubro Heavy Duty Adjustable Control Horns             
                     for .91 and larger size aircraft.                         
FEATURES: Self-adjusting, designed to mount 90° to center line of control      
          Mounts against angled control surface using no wedges or shims       
INCLUDES: Two 4mm x 69mm mounting screws                                       
          Two 8.5mm nuts                                                       
          Two 1.4" (37mm) nylon horns                                          
          Two nylon links with two securing pins                               
          Eight aluminum spacers                                               
REQUIRES: 9/64 hex head wrench for mounting screws (GPMR8004)   

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