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Enamel Paint Marker Gloss Gray (PART# TESR2067)


Enamel Paint Marker Gloss Gray (PART# TESR2067)

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       This is a 1/3 ounce Gloss Gray Paint Marker from Testors.            
FEATURES: Can be used for:                                                     
            Models: Ceramic, Plastic, Leather                                  
            Household: Stone, Metal, Styrofoam                                 
            Crafts: Wax, Glass, Paper                                          
            Figures: Fabric, Wood                                              
          Not recommended for: vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene plastics,    
            or lexan.                                                          
          All-purpose marker contains no lead and has a tip designed for fine- 
            line painting or painting larger areas.                            
          Marker is carded and packaged for clear visibility, with Blue color  
            on front.                                                          
          Contains no lead.                                                    
INCLUDES: One 1/3 fl oz (10ml) Gloss Gray Paint Marker                         
REQUIRES: Lung and skin protection                                             
          Thinner (TESR2148)                                                   
COMMENTS: Cap removes by twisting; shake marker for 30 seconds before using and
            depress tip to get steady, activated flow.                         
          Depress tip occassionally to maintain paint flow, and recap and      
            shake periodically for better flow.                                
          Replace cap tightly when marker is not in use.                       
          If tip dries out, soak overnight in Thinner (TESR2148) or in Brush   
            Cleaner (TESR3156).                                                
          CAUTION: Flammable, keep from heat and flame, use in a well-         
            ventilated area.                                                   
          Keep away from small children.    

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