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DUAL PULL-PULL SYS - HD: .91 & U (Part # DUB883)


DUAL PULL-PULL SYS - HD: .91 & U (Part # DUB883)

$15.99 $21.83

 This is a Heavy Duty Dual Pull-Pull System for large aircraft .91 and larger. 
          A pull-pull system replaces pushrods with a pair of cables.          
FEATURES: Fewer binding problems                                               
          Lighter weight                                                       
          Reduces slop in controls                                             
INCLUDES: Two aluminum horns                                                   
          Two washers                                                          
          One 8-32 threaded shaft (4" long)                                    
          Two nuts                                                             
          Two horn arms                                                        
          Two clevises for 4-40 rods with aluminum pivot pins                  
          15ft. nylon-coated stranded steel cable (.032" diameter)             
          All mounting hardware for 4-40                                       
          4" Black heat-shrink tube                                            
REQUIRES: Installation into the aircraft                                       
          If crimps are needed, use DUBQ1896   

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