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         This is the Pinewood Derby® Carving Set from Revell.                 
                       Suitable for Ages 14 & Older.                           
FEATURES: For those drivers who want to use the Basic Racer Kit and            
            Carving Set here's how it works:                                   
            * Draw your design on the block of wood provided (RMXY9632).       
              It's already legal length.                                       
            * Place your block in a vise. This holds your block steady while   
              you’re cutting and shaping.                                      
            * Cut out the basic shape with one of the wood blades. Use the     
              Medium for rough cuts in large areas. Use the Fine and           
              Extra-Fine blades where extra care is needed, say for small      
              details or work in cramped quarters.                             
            * Use the 4-way rasp to rough shape the body. Use the surfaces     
              that have coarse teeth first. Switch the surfaces with fine      
              teeth to smooth surfaces before sanding.                         
INCLUDES: 4-way rasp                                                           
          Blade handle                                                         
          Two Extra-fine blades (25T/in)                                       
          One Fine Blade (19T/in)                                              
          One Medium blade (15T/in)                                            
          One Hacksaw blade (25T/in)                                           
          Instruction sheet                                                    
COMMENTS: Boy Scouts of America® Officially Licensed Product                   
                                                                   tlh 10/28/09
                                                            updated tlh 3/17/10
                                                            updated tlc 1/16/12
BOX DIMENSIONS:    8.13" W. X   1.75" H. X  11.88" L.
BOX WEIGHT:    1.13 LBS.

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