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#64 Rubber Bands 1/4lb (Part # HCAQ2020)


#64 Rubber Bands 1/4lb (Part # HCAQ2020)

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A new set of Rubber Bands to hold your wing on is the cheapest insurance       
you can buy.  Rubber Bands are a Common Method of Wing Attatchment because, in 
The Event of Crash, the Wing can Seperate from the Fuselage, thus Saving it    
from the Main Impact.                                                          
FEATURES: These Rubber Bands are Made of the Finest Latex Rubber and are Fuel  
          UV Resistant                                                         
INCLUDES: One 1/4 pound Box of #64 Rubber Bands.                               
SPECS:    One 1/4 pound box of #64 size Rubber Bands                           
          Approximately 100 Rubber Bands per Box                               
          #64 Rubber Bands are 3-1/2" long by 1/4" wide                        
                                                               updt jxs 5/13/05
BOX DIMENSIONS:    3.50" W. X   2.00" H. X   3.75" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .31 LBS.

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