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405 FUEL TANK ROUND 10 OZ (Part # SUL405)


405 FUEL TANK ROUND 10 OZ (Part # SUL405)


               This is a 10oz Sullivan Round Type Fuel Tank.                  
FEATURES: Molded from rigid high density polyethylene.                         
          This tank kit includes the hardware needed for glow fuel operation,  
            including twist-tie clamps and both brass and nylon tubing.        
          With the Gasoline Conversion Kit (SULQ2684) this fuel tank may be    
            used with gasoline or diesel fuel.                                 
          Tank body has a lifetime warranty.                                   
INCLUDES: One Round Tank                                                       
          One Klunk                                                            
          Two 1/8" Brass Tubes (3.5")                                          
          One 1/8" Clear Plastic Tube (6")                                     
          One Rubber Stopper (For Glow Fuel)                                   
          One Plastic Rubber Stopper Back                                      
          One Plastic Rubber Stopper Front                                     
          One Stopper Assembly Screw                                           
          Three Wire Tubing Ties                                               
          One Piece of Fuel Tubing                                             
REQUIRES: Hobby Knife and Phillips Head Screwdriver                            
SPECS:    Size:   10oz     (300ml)                                             
          Height: 2-5/16"  (59mm)                                              
          Width:  2-5/16"  (59mm)                                              
          Length: 4-7/8"   (124mm)                                             
                                                             Update JMM 3/22/02
BOX DIMENSIONS:    5.25" W. X   2.25" H. X   7.00" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .15 LBS.

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