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TRA2941X NiMH 8.4V 3300 Hump w/Traxxas (PART# TRA2941X)

Traxxas (TRA)

TRA2941X NiMH 8.4V 3300 Hump w/Traxxas (PART# TRA2941X)

$34.99 $45.99

           This is the Traxxas 8.4V 3300mAh Hump NiMH Battery Pack.            
FEATURES: New high current connector with gold-plated copper terminals         
          iD Auto Battery Identification allows Traxxas iD equipped chargers to
            automatically set and optimize charge settings                     
          MAXX cable high-efficiency 12 gauge silicone jacketed wire           
          Sub C size cells                                                     
INCLUDES: 7-cell 8.4V 3300mAh iD Power Cell NiMH Hump NiMH Pack with High-     
          Current Connector                                                    
REQUIRES: NiMH compatible charger                                              
SPECS:    Length: 5.4" (138mm)                                                 
          Width: 1.9" (47mm)                                                   
          Height: 1.7" (42mm)                                                  
          Weight: 15.5oz (440g)                                                
          Charge Rate: 3A                                                      
                                                                   jxs 01/12/15
BOX DIMENSIONS:    2.13" W. X   2.00" H. X   6.50" L.
BOX WEIGHT:    1.02 LBS.

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