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259 Rectangular Tube .250 X .375'' (2) (Part # EVGU0259)


259 Rectangular Tube .250 X .375'' (2) (Part # EVGU0259)


    There are 2 StripStyrene Rectangular Tubes (.250 x .375") Within This     
                        Evergreen Scale Models Package.                        
FEATURES: Use to represent cable trays in electrical power plants, or any      
            other rectangular ducting.                                         
          White styrene tubes may be cut to fit modeling need for any scale.   
          Sturdy and durable.                                                  
          User friendly and economical.                                        
          High quality styrene material enhances scratch model building        
          Tubes may be painted or weathered for added realism to your model.   
INCLUDES: Two Rectangular Tubes                                                
SPECS:    Size:        .250" x .375"                                           
                       (6.3mm x 9.5mm)                                         
          Avg. Length: 14"  (355mm) 

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