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22243766 ENG GASKET SET G-2300 (Part # SUPG4642)


22243766 ENG GASKET SET G-2300 (Part # SUPG4642)

$3.79 $3.99

This is the Gasket Set for the Supertigre G2300.  It Includes a Backplate   
Gasket (O-Ring) that goes in Between the Backplate and the Crankcase and also  
includes the Cylinder Head Gasket which goes in Between the Cylinder Head      
and the Crankcase.                                                             
INCLUDES: One Copper Cylinder Head Gasket                                      
          One Rubber Backplate Gasket (O-Ring)                                 
SPECS:                  Head Gasket     Backplate Gasket                       
          Inner Diameter: 33mm                37mm                             
          Outer Diameter: 38.5mm              39mm                             
          Thickness:       N/A                 2mm                             
                                                                     nmh 6-1-98
BOX DIMENSIONS:    3.25" W. X    .25" H. X   4.00" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .01 LBS.

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