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SUL527 2-56 Gold-N-Clevises (12)


SUL527 2-56 Gold-N-Clevises (12)


                 These are Sullivans Gold-N-Clevises.                         
FEATURES: High strength Brass Plated Heat Treated Steel                        
          Secure Retaining clips- prevents accidental openings                 
          Clevis can be soldered                                               
          Interlocking collar with 2-56 threads                                
          Clevis pin is welded into place for strength                         
INCLUDES: Twelve 2-56 clevis                                                   
          Twelve retaining clips                                               
REQUIRES: Nothing                                                              
COMMENTS: These steel clevises are used to connect a 2-56 pushrod to a control 
            such as a control horn or throttle lever. 

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