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1968 Ford F100 PickUp 100-S (PART# VTR03028)

Vaterra (VTR)

1968 Ford F100 PickUp 100-S (PART# VTR03028)

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  • Versatile, neutral handling V100-S chassis
  • Officially licensed 1968 Ford F100 body
  • Shaft-driven 4WD with sealed differentials
  • Low-profile tires on large-diameter 54mm wheels
  • Realistic brake disc and caliper details
  • Potent Dynamite® power system
  • 2.4GHz radio system with batteries
  • Waterproof ESC, receiver and steering servo
  • Dynamite 15-turn brushed motor
  • Includes Dynamite 7.2V 1800mAh Ni-MH battery
  • Includes Dynamite 200mAh 9V AC charger


This 1/10-scale recreation of a slammed ’68 F-100 is all attitude. From its aggressive, low-profile lines to the power and poise of its V100-S chassis, it looks and drives like the big-block muscle trucks that inspired it. It comes completely ready to run with everything you need to hit the streets. You can even trick it out with aluminum options parts and different style wheels, all sold separately.

Versatile V100-S Chassis
The V100-S chassis gives you a balanced, neutral handling truck that’s fun to drive. Its universal body mounts allow you to use bodies from other Vaterra vehicles with a V100-series chassis or 1/10-scale bodies from other manufacturers. You can also choose from a wide array of upgrade options for everything from the suspension to the power system.

Officially Licensed 1968 Ford F100 Body
The custom looking body comes mounted on the chassis and boasts a number of eye-catching details like molded grill work, chrome bumpers and authentic Ford badging.

Shaft-Driven 4WD
The shaft-driven 4WD delivers excellent traction on paved surfaces and superb drift control when sliding through corners at full throttle. The differentials are sealed against the elements and can be tuned for a variety of running conditions.

Low Profile Tires on Licensed Volk Wheels
The low-profile tires are mounted on licensed, 54mm replicas of Volk CE28N wheels. Brake and caliper details on the hub add to the realism. The rear tires have a little more meat than the fronts for better grip and a little more attitude.

Waterproof Electronics
The truck is equipped with a waterproof receiver, speed control and steering servo for driving in the real world, where roads get wet and the weather is often less than perfect.


Type: Pickup Truck
Scale: 1/10
Length: 14.85 in (371mm)
Width: 7.76 in (194mm) with 30mm Rear tires
Height: 4.4 in (112mm)
Ground Clearance: 0.25 in (6mm)
Wheelbase: 10.25 in (256mm)
Weight: 3.875 lbs (1.76kg)
Chassis: Injection Molded
Suspension: Independent
Drivetrain: 4WD shaft drive
Tire Type: 2.68 in (67mm) V1 Performance
Motor or Engine: 540 Brushed
Speed Control: Included
Radio: 2 Channel DSM Transmitter
Servos: Included
Batteries: 1800mAh Ni-Mh 6-cell Flat w/EC3
Charger: NiMh AC Charger
Gear Pitch: 48-Pitch
Wheel Size: 2.16×1.05 in (54×26mm) & 2.16×1.2 in (54×30mm)
Shock Type: Injection Molded Friction
Body: Polycarbonate Painted
Ball Bearings: Complete Drivetrain


Item ID Description
DYN1050EC Speedpack 1800mAh Ni-MH 6-Cell Flat with EC3 Conn
DYN1172 Dynamite 15-Turn Brushed Motor
DYNS2210 WP 60A FWD/REV Brushed ESC
SPMSR200WP SR200WP 2-Ch DSM Sport Receiver Waterproof
SPMSS6170 S6170 Standard Digital Surface Servo
VTR230006 Body Post Set: V100
VTR230044 1968 Ford F-100 V100-S Painted Body Set
VTR230045 1968 Ford F-100 V100-S Unpainted Body Set
VTR231007 Steering Servo Saver Set & Servo Mounts: V100
VTR231008 Steering Bellcrank Set: V100
VTR231010 Chassis Set: V100
VTR231011 Battery Strap & Mounts: V100
VTR231012 Bumper Set Front: V100
VTR231013 Antenna Mount Set: V100
VTR231015 Front Splitter & Spacer V-100C
VTR231016 Rear Diffuser, Mount & Hardware V-100C
VTR232031 Pinion Gear 22T, 48P/M3 x 3 Setscrew
VTR232040 Gearbox Upper Lower Set: V100
VTR232041 Center Driveshaft: V100
VTR232042 Axle Shaft Set FR/RR (2): V100
VTR232043 Diff Ring/Pinion 32T/12T FR/RR: V100
VTR232044 Spur Gear, 77T, 48P: V100
VTR232045 Center Diff Joint & Screw Pin: V100
VTR232046 Bevel Gear Shaft FR/RR & Pins: V100
VTR232047 Diff Outdrive Cup Set FR/RR: V100
VTR232048 Diff Housing and Spacers: V100
VTR232049 Complete Differential Set FR/RR: V100
VTR232050 Gear Cover Motor Plate Heat Shield Set: V100
VTR232051 Wheel Hex Brake Rotor & Caliper FR/RR Set: V100
VTR233007 Shock Body Set: V100
VTR233009 Shock Spring Medium Silver (2): V100
VTR234013 Suspension Pivot Balls & Washer Set: V100
VTR234014 Suspension Arm Set FR/RR Upper & Lower: V100
VTR234015 Front Upright Set LH/RH: V100
VTR234016 Rear Upright Set LH/RH: V100
VTR234017 Upper Suspension Arm Mount FR/RR: V100
VTR234018 Shock Tower Set FR/RR: V100
VTR235025 M3 x 8mm Cap Head Screw (10)
VTR235107 M3 x 10mm Button Head Screw (10)
VTR235109 M3 x 14mm Button Head Screw (10)
VTR235113 M3 x 25mm Button Head Screw (10)
VTR235176 M3 x 10mm Flat Head Screw (10)
VTR235178 M3 x 14mm Flat Head Screw (10)
VTR235222 M2.8 x 10mm Cap Head Screw Self-Tapping (10)
VTR235225 M3 x 38mm Button Head Inner Hinge Pin Screw: V100
VTR235226 M3 x 28mm Button Head Outer Hinge Pin Screw: V100
VTR235320 M3 x 3mm Cup Point Setscrew (10)
VTR235347 M4 x 10mm Cup Point Set Screw
VTR236024 M3 Nylock Flanged Nut (10)
VTR236025 M4 Nylock Flanged Nut (10)
VTR236076 3.2mm x 7mm x .5mm Washer (10)
VTR237004 5mm x 10mm x 4mm Ball Bearing (2)
VTR237029 12mm x 18mm x 4mm Ball Bearing (2)
VTR242006 Differential Internals:GlamisUno,Fear,Hal,Rap,Ral
VTR246001 Screw Pin, Clip Post (10): Glamis Uno
VTR43005 Wheel FR 54 x 26mm Deep Mesh, Matte Gun (2): V100
VTR43006 Wheel RR 54 x 30mm Deep Mesh, Matte Gun (2): V100
VTR43011 Tire 67 x 26mm V1 Performance S Compound (2): V100
VTR43012 Tire 67 x 30mm V1 Performance S Compound (2): V100


1968 Ford F100 PickUp 100-S (PART# VTR03028) - manual

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