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1.9 4WD Barrage Doomsday: RTR (PART# ECX01010)


1.9 4WD Barrage Doomsday: RTR (PART# ECX01010)

$199.99 $219.99


  • Super user friendly speeds with impressive crawling capabilities: Fun for anyone from beginner to expert
  • Scale Body and Chassis
  • Completely Ready to Run: Everything needed is in the box
  • Waterproof electronics: Drive in any condition
  • ECX 2.4GHz 2-Channel Radio System: Interference free driving
  • 900mAh battery: Over 30 minutes of run time
  • One step charger: Plug in the battery and it charges automatically
  • 4WD drive train: Extreme traction for climbing
  • Metal ring and pinion gears: Durability and longevity
  • Locked differentials: No slip and true 4WD power
  • 4-link suspension: Increased articulation and ability to scale most obstacles
  • Oil-filled, coil over shocks: Adjustability and superior handling
  • Aluminum front hubs and rear bumper: Durability and styling
  • Combination composite and aluminum main frame: High strength and durability
  • High torque motor: Maximum crawling power in a small efficient package
  • Axle mounted steering servo: Weight down low to provide low CG
  • 1/10 scale servo compatible: Can use readily available electronics
  • Advanced battery mount system: Adjustability for different conditions
  • Full ball bearings: Efficiency and increased run time


What's in the box? 
(1) ECX® 1.9 4WD Barrage Doomsday 
(1) ECX 2.4GHz Transmitter 
(1) ECX 2.4GHz 2-CH V3 Receiver 
(1) 100mAh NiMH Wall Charger with EC3™ Connector 
(1) Dynamite® Speedpack® 900mAh NiMH Battery with EC3 Connector 
(1) Dynamite® Tazer™ 390 Brushed Motor 
(1) Dynamite 60A WP FWD/REV Brushed ESC 
(4) AA Batteries 
(1) User Manual

Taking its cue from the impressive ECX® Barrage®, the ECX® 4WD Barrage Doomsday™ commands your attention and seals the deal with incredible features such as 4WD drive train, 4-link suspension, high torque 390-size motor, waterproof electronics, scale monster truck wheels and tires, and a post apocalypse style body with LEDs. With the Barrage Doomsday, you get a level of realism unmatched by other similarly priced vehicles. New drivers will love the incredible patina finish, composite roll cage, engine, exhaust, and LED lights. This virtually indestructible vehicle can go anywhere including tall grass, woods, mud, as well as your neighborhood creek and can clear rocks easily. Plus, you get all of this excitement without breaking your budget or your drive train. 

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Tech Notes

You will need...

Nothing! Everything you need is in the box.


Type: Rock Crawler
Scale: 1/12 Scale
Length: 16.4in (417mm)
Width: 7.7in (196mm)
Height: 8.5in (216mm)
Ground Clearance: 2.25in (57mm)
Wheelbase: 9.9in (252mm)
Weight: 2.8lb (1.3kg)
Chassis: Steel Ladder Frame
Suspension: Solid Axle 4-Link
Drivetrain: 4WD
Tire Type: Soft, All-Terrain
Motor or Engine: Brushed 390
Speed Control: Included
Radio: ECX 2.4GHz 2-Channel
Servos: Included
Batteries: Dynamite 900mAh 6-cell NiMH
Charger: NiMH Wallwart
Gear Pitch: 48
Wheel Size: 1.9in (49mm) Diameter, 1.1in (27mm) Width
Shock Type: 3 in (75mm) plastic body
Body: Painted
Ball Bearings: Complete
Experience Level: Beginner
Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
Is Assembly Required: No

Parts Listing
Item ID Description
DYNS1206 390 Motor,Pinion Gear 22T:1.9 Barrage Doomsday
DYNS2210 WP 60A FWD/REV Brushed ESC
ECX1015 5x10x4mm Ball Bearing (8)
ECX13002 2.4GHz Surface TX, 2-Channel V3
ECX13003 2.4GHz RX Waterproof, 4-Channel V3
ECX211015 Bumper Mount: 1.9 Barrage
ECX211016 Chassis Set: 1.9 Barrage
ECX211017 Skid Plate: 1.9 Barrage
ECX211018 Shock Tower: 1.9 Barrage
ECX211019 Body Post: 1.9 Barrage
ECX211020 Chassis Brace (2): 1.9 Barrage
ECX211021 ESC & Battery Tray: 1.9 Barrage
ECX212009 Spool 38T: 1/18 4WD Temper
ECX212010 Axle Pinion Gear 14T: 1/18 4WD Temper
ECX212018 Spur Gear 48P 60T(1): 1/18 4WD Temper
ECX212020 Transmission Outdrive: 1.9 Barrage
ECX212021 Driveshaft (2): 1.9 Barrage
ECX212022 Rear Hub (2): 1.9 Barrage
ECX212027 Steering Spindle V2: 1.9 Barrage
ECX212028 Front/Rear Hub Set, V2: 1.9 Barrage
ECX213002 F/R Shocks Assembled (2): 1.9 Barrage
ECX216003 Complete Hardware Set: 1:12 4WD Barrage
ECX217001 Spindle/Hub Bearing Set: 1/18 4WD All
ECX220000 Cage, Window & Bumper Mounts: 1.9 Barrage Doomsday
ECX220001 Motor, Exhaust, & Grill Parts BlkChrome: Doomsday
ECX220002 FR Bumper and Headlights, BLKChrome: 1.9 Doomsday
ECX220003 Body, Black/Copper, Precut: 1.9 Barrage Doomsday
ECX220008 LED Lights, Orange: 1.9 Barrage Doomsday
ECX221000 SX Mnt & Plt, Whl Hex & Pin: Barrage Doomsday
ECX221001 Rear Bumper, Aluminum: 1.9 Barrage Doomsday
ECX222000 FR/RR Axle Housing V3 (132mm): BarrageDoomsday
ECX222001 390 Motor Plate: 1.9 Barrage Doomsday
ECX222002 Front/Rear Axles: 1.9 Barrage Doomsday
ECX222003 Complete Transmission: 1.9 Barrage Doomsday
ECX222004 FR/RR Tire, Premounted (2): 1.9 Barrage Doomsday
ECX224000 Link Set: 1.9 Barrage Doomsday
SPMS602 Replacement S602 Digital Servo

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