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1/10 4wd Rock Rey RTR AVC Blue (PART# LOS03009T2)

Losi (LOS)

1/10 4wd Rock Rey RTR AVC Blue (PART# LOS03009T2)

$449.99 $519.99


  • Realistic Rock Racer chassis design
  • 3.5mm hard-anodized aluminum chassis plate
  • Integrated chassis roll cage
  • Dynamite 2800Kv brushless power system
  • Spektrum™ AVC® technology
  • Long-travel suspension
  • 4-link live rear axle
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Sealed, metal-gear transmission and diffs
  • Coil-over, oil-filled shocks
  • Easy-access battery compartment
  • Bolt-on body panels and interior details
  • Includes Spektrum DX2E transmitter with AVC adjustment
  • Bright LED light bar


The 1/10th 2.2 Rock Rey™ Rock Racer is incredibly versatile. Not only can it take on rocks with ease, this monster can bash over pretty much anything, anywhere. Through mud and water—at staggering speeds over 40 MPH. It features AVC® technology, too.

Realistic 4WD Chassis with Long-Travel Suspension

The Rock Rey chassis is a brilliant blend of scale realism with functional 4WD capabilities. The foundation consists of a 3.5mm, hard-anodized aluminum chassis plate that is integrated with a realistic roll cage made of super-tough composite material. To this it adds a long-travel, independent front suspension and 4-link live rear axle that look and function exactly like their full-scale counterparts.

LED Light Bar

Twelve brilliant LEDs on the light bar cast more than enough light for running at night without placing a huge current demand on the battery.

Dynamite® 2800Kv Brushless Power System

The vehicle comes equipped with a Dynamite Fuze™ 2800Kv brushless motor and a waterproof 130A ESC. This potent combination can handle 2S or 3S LiPo batteries (sold separately) and will allow you to hurtle across the landscape at speeds of up to 40+ mph.

Sealed, Heavy Duty Metal-Gear Transmission and Diffs

The transmission, as well as the front and center diffs, are sealed against the elements and engineered to handle the abuse of a high-output brushless motor and punishing terrain. MOD 1 gears further increase the durability of this off-road beast.

Coil-Over Oil-Filled Shocks

The long-travel shocks do a fantastic job of soaking up the energy from big bumps and jumps. They also feature threaded shock bodies with adjustment collars so you can fine tune the pre-load settings of the coil-over springs. External bump stops on the rear provide plush landings on the hardest surfaces.

Waterproof Electronics

The receiver, servo and ESC are all waterproof so you can run anytime, rain or shine.

Easy-Access Motor

The motor can quickly be accessed for gear changes and servicing simply by removing three screws in the bottom of the chassis.

Easy-Access Battery Compartment

A convenient battery door in the back of the chassis makes it easy to swap batteries without having to remove the body or wrestle with battery straps.

Bolt-On Body Panels and Detailed Interior

The bolt-on body panels are incredibly durable and eliminate the need for body posts that might spoil the scale looks. You also get a molded interior that includes a driver and rider figure, both of which sport racing helmet and harness details.

The Full-Throttle Freedom of AVC® Technology

When you’re ready to let the brushless motor off the chain, don’t hold back. The receiver’s built-in AVC (Active Vehicle Control®) system will work behind the scenes, making hundreds of tiny throttle and steering adjustments per second, so more of the motor’s power is translated into ballistic speed and acceleration instead of just flying dirt. An AVC adjustment knob on the included DX2E transmitter lets you adjust how much traction control the system provides. You can even turn it off.


Type: Off-Road Desert Truck
Scale: 1/10
Length: 20.75 in (527mm)
Width: 12.75 in (323.8mm)
Height: 8.75 in (222.3mm)
Ground Clearance: 2.2 in (55.9mm) at rear diff
Wheelbase: 15.0 in (381mm)
Weight: 6.55 lb (3.0kg)
Chassis: 3.5mm Plate, 6061-T6 Aluminum
Suspension: Independent Front/4-Link Rear
Drivetrain: 4wd (locked rear, gear diff front and rear)
Tire Type: Maxxis Creeper Crawler LT
Motor or Engine: 550 6-Pole 2800kv Non-Sensored Brushless
Speed Control: Dynamite 130 Amp WP
Radio: Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz
Servos: Included
Batteries: 2S 5000mah 30C Li-Po with EC3™ Connectors
Charger: Not Included
Gear Pitch: 1.0 Module
Shock Type: Oil-Filled/Coil-Over Spring
Body: Screened, Polycarbonate
Ball Bearings: Yes

Parts Listing
Item ID Description
DYN4955 Fuze 130A Sensorless Bl WP ESC: 4WD SCT 1/8
DYNS1614 FUZE 550 BL 6-Pole Motor 2800kv
LOS230013 Body Button Base & Top (22): Baja Rey
LOS230027 Roll Cage, Side, L&R: Rock Rey
LOS230028 Roll Cage, Roof, Front: Rock Rey
LOS230029 RR Twr Sup,X-Bar,Mud Guards:RR
LOS230030 Body, Painted, Blue, Rock Rey
LOS230032 Interior Panel, Painted: RR
LOS231005 Rear Bulkhead,Fan Panel, Mudguards: Baja Rey
LOS231006 Battery Tray,Door, Lock, 2S Spacer: Baja Rey
LOS231007 Fr Upper Arm/Shock Mount,RR Chassis Brace:Baja Rey
LOS231008 Servo Mount, Steering Servo Set Plastic: Baja Rey
LOS231010 Chassis Plate & Motor Cover Plate: Baja Rey
LOS231011 Center Chassis Brace & Standoffs: Baja Rey
LOS231012 Motor Mount: Baja Rey
LOS231013 Steering Hardware Set: Baja Rey
LOS231021 FR Bmpr/Skid Plte&Suppport:RR
LOS231022 FRShkTwr,Brace,Cmbr LinkMnt:RR
LOS232001 Axle Housing Set; Rear: Baja Rey
LOS232002 Center Transmission Housing: Baja Rey
LOS232003 Front Gear Box/Bulkhead: Baja Rey
LOS232004 HD Diff Housing & Internals: Baja Rey
LOS232005 Rear Driveshaft Set: Baja Rey
LOS232006 Hex, Rotor, Caliper & Pin Set (4): Baja Rey
LOS232007 Center Transmission Gear Set: Baja Rey
LOS232010 Center Drive Shaft: Baja Rey
LOS232011 Rear Diff Locker: Baja Rey
LOS232012 Center Outdrive Set: Baja Rey
LOS232014 Rear Axle Shaft Set: Baja Rey
LOS232019 42T Ring & 12T Pinion Gear:BR/RR
LOS232020 Front Axle, (1): Rock Rey
LOS232021 Front Sliders: Rock Rey
LOS232022 Front Outdrive Shaft: Rock Rey
LOS233001 Shock Ends, Tops, Piston: Baja Rey
LOS233002 FR/RR Shock Body & Collar Set: Baja Rey
LOS233003 FR/RR Shock Shaft Set & Hardware: Baja Rey
LOS233004 FR/RR Shock Seal & Limiter Set: Baja Rey
LOS233005 Front and Rear Spring Set: Baja Rey
LOS234002 Shock Tower, Upper/Track Rod Mnts, Rear: Baja Rey
LOS234003 Trailing Arm,Steering,Upper,Drag Link St: Baja Rey
LOS234006 Front & Rear Sway Bar Links: Baja Rey
LOS234007 Front Hinge Pins & Brace Set: Baja Rey
LOS234011 FR Suspension Arm Set: Rock Rey
LOS234012 Caster Block Set: Rock Rey
LOS234013 Steering Spindle Set: Rock Rey
LOS234014 Camber&SteeringLinkSet:Rock Rey
LOS234015 FR/RRShockBody&CollarSet:RockRey
LOS235001 Cap Head Screws, M2 x 6mm (10)
LOS235002 Cap Head Screws M2.5 x 10mm (10)
LOS235003 Cap Head Screws M3 x 6mm (10)
LOS235004 Cap Head Screws M3 x 25mm (10)
LOS235005 Button Head Screws M2.5x6mm (10)
LOS235006 Button Head Screws M2.5x 20mm (10)
LOS235007 Button Head Screws M4 x 12mm (10)
LOS235008 Flat Head Screws M2.5 x 5mm (10)
LOS235009 Flat Head Screws M2.5 x 8mm (10)
LOS235010 Flat Head Screws M2.5 x 12mm (10)
LOS235011 Set Screws, M3 x 3mm Cup Point(10)
LOS235012 Set Screw, M4 x 4mm Cup Point(10)
LOS235013 Flat Nut, M3 x 0.5 x 5mm (10)
LOS235014 Lock Nut, M2 x 0.4 x4mm (10)
LOS235015 Lock Nut, Flanged M5 x 0.8 Serrated (10)
LOS235023 Hinge Pin Screw,FR (10):Rock Rey
LOS239001 Flrsnt YellowDecalSheet:Rock Rey
LOS239002 ElectricBlueDecalSheet:Rock Rey
LOS330001 LED Roof Light Bar Set: Baja Rey/Rock Rey
LOS43012 MaxxisCreepyCrawlerLT Mounted
LOS43013 Maxxis Creepy Crawler LT Tire
LOS43014 Wheel 2.2" (4): Rock Rey
LOSA6250 Set Screws, 4mm & 5mm (6ea)
LOSA6937 5x10mm Shielded Ball Bearing(2)
LOSA6940 6x12mm Sealed Ball Bearing (4)
LOSA6956 12 x 18 x 4mm Ball Bearing (2)
LOSA6957 10x15x4 mm BB (2) with Nylon Retainer
LOSB3008 3x6x2.5mm Ball Bearing (2)
SPMS612HV 12KG Servo, WP, Metal, 23T
TLR5903 Button Head Screws, M3 x 10mm (10)
TLR5904 Button Head Screws, M3 x 12mm (10)
TLR5909 Button Head Screws, M3 x 16mm (10)
TLR5910 Button Head Screws, M3 x 14mm (10)
TLR5911 Button Head Screws, M3 x 20mm (10)
TLR5913 Button Head Screws, M2.5 x 12mm (10)
TLR5934 Cap Head Screws, M3 x 16mm (10)
TLR5961 Flathead Screws, M3 x 8mm (10)
TLR5963 Flathead Screw, M3 x 12mm (10)
TLR5964 Flathead Screw, M3 x 16mm (10)
TLR5965 Flathead Screw, M3 x 20mm (10)
TLR6312 Locknut, M2.5 x .45 x 5mm (6)
TLR6313 Locknut, M3 x .5 x 5.5mm (10)
TLR6352 Washers, M3 (10)
TLR74006 Silicone Shock Oil, 30wt, 2oz
VTR246001 Screw Pin, Clip Post (10):Glamis Uno/Baja/Rock Rey

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