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07213 1/48 F-86F SABRE USAF (Part # HSGS7213)


07213 1/48 F-86F SABRE USAF (Part # HSGS7213)

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   This is a 1:48 Scale F-86F-30 USAF Sabre Plastic Model Kit from Hasegawa.   
   The F-86 Sabre was the most successful jet fighter of the post WWII era and 
 one of the first to take advantage of the benefits of swept wing design.      
 The Sabre saw extensive use in the Korean war where it demonstrated           
 a considerable edge over its primary rival the Russian MiG-15 thanks to       
 superior training and tactics. Over 5000 F-86s were built and saw use with    
 the air forces of many nations including: Canada, Japan, Great Britain, New   
 Zealand, and Australia.                                                       
FEATURES: 1:48 scale for static display only                                   
          93 parts in light grey and clear with fine recessed panel lines      
          Optional position speed brakes with detailed speedbrake actuators    
          Cockpit detail: 3-part seat, cockpit tub, instrument panel with decal
            control stick and 3-part seated pilot figure. Canopy may be posed  
            open or closed                                                     
          Detailed landing gear, gear doors, wheel wells, and wheels           
          Full intake trunking and exhaust jet pipe                            
          Ordnance includes: drop tanks (2) and Sidewinder missiles (2)        
OPTIONS:  One decal sheet with markings for two aircraft:                      
            1: s/n 25222 "Desert Rats", 21st Fighter Bomber Wing, USAF         
            2: s/n 24877 "Miss Tena", 8th Fighter Bomber Wing, USAF            
          Airframe Colors:                                                     
            1 & 2: Overall Natural Aluminum                                    
          Detail Colors:                                                       
            Black, White, Zinc Chromate, Silver, Gun Metal, Olive Drab,        
            Red, Green                                                         
INCLUDES: One 1:48 Scale F-86F-30 USAF Sabre Plastic Model Kit.                
REQUIRES: Assembly                                                             
          Cement for plastics (TESR3512)                                       
          Hobby knife (RMXR6909)                                               
          Sprue cutters (HCAR0630)                                             
          Tweezers (TAMR7403)                                                  
          Water for decals                                                     
          Paint: See MARKING OPTIONS                                           
          Paint brushes                                                        
          Pin vise or drill                                                    
          Glue tips or toothpicks                                              
          Adult supervision                                                    
SPECS:    Scale:    1:48                                                       
          Wingspan: 236mm                                                      
          Length:   234mm                                                      
                                                                    sdw 7/12/01
                                                            updated tlh 4/26/10
BOX DIMENSIONS:    7.50" W. X   3.00" H. X  14.25" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .83 LBS.

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