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mSR S BNF with Safe (PART# BLH2980)

Blade (BLH)

mSR S BNF with Safe (PART# BLH2980)

$79.99 $109.99


  • SAFE® Technology to Ensure Next-Step Success
  • Advanced AS3X® Technology Delivers Rock-Solid Flight handling
  • Fixed-Pitch Rotor Head
  • Incredibly Durable Construction
  • Easy to Repair and Maintain
  • Fully-Assembled with No Building Required


Modeled after the popular ultra-micro Blade® mSR heli, the Blade® mSR S is a great way to step up from coaxial helis and multirotor drones to a single-rotor machine. Fixed-pitch, flybarless rotor simplicity lets you enjoy extra speed and agility with a durable and efficient design. The included 1S 150mAh battery has a higher 45C discharge rate, so you get more responsive power while keeping the battery weight the same. Exclusive SAFE® and AS3X® technology helps keep you in control by delivering the stability you need to develop confidence quickly. The variable high and low rate modes allow each flight to match your flying style and environment. Even experienced single-rotor pilots will find the mSR S great to have around whenever the time, place or weather keeps you from flying a bigger heli.

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Tech Notes

You will need...
Requires a 4+ channel transmitter with Spektrum™ DSM2/DSMX technology.


Type: Fixed Pitch Flybarless
Main Rotor Diameter: 180mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 40mm
Gross Weight: 1.1 oz (31g)
Length: 8.00 in (205mm)
Rotor Blade Length: 80mm
Experience Level: Beginner
Recommended Environment: Indoor
Is Assembly Required: No

Parts Listing
Item ID Description
BLH2406 Tail Boom Assembly: Nano CP S
BLH2407 Damping Plate: Nano CP S
BLH2408 Damper: Nano CP S
BLH2901 Blade FBL 3-in-1 Unit: mSR s
BLH2902 Blade Complete Canopy with Vertical Fin: mSR S
BLH2903 Blade Main Frame with Hardware: mSR S
BLH2904 Blade Tailboom assembly without motor :mSR S
BLH2905 Blade Coreless Main Motor with Pinion: mSR S
BLH2906 Blade Screw Set: mSR S
BLH3204 Landing Skid & Battery Mount: MSRX
BLH3207 Carbon Fiber Main shaft w/Collar & Hardware: MSRX
BLH3208 Servo Push Rod Set w/Ball Link: MSRX
BLH3209 Complete Precision Swashplate: MSRX
BLH3212 Main Rotor Hub w/Hardware: MSRX
BLH3214 Main Blade Grip Set w/Hardware: MSRX
BLH3215 Rotor Head Linkages(4): BMSR/MSRX
BLH3216 Main Rotor Blades w/hardware: MSRX
BLH3506 Main Gear: BMSR, mCP X
EFLB1501S45 150mAh 1S 3.7V 45C LiPo Battery
EFLC1008 1S USB Li-Po Charger, 300mA
SPM6838 Servo Mechanics: 2.9 g 2040T
SPMSH2025L 2.0-Gram Linear Long-Throw, 15mm Lead
SPMSH2028L Servo: Nano CP S

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