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The ECX® AMP™ Desert Buggy comes ready to storm the desert at a price that won't annihilate your wallet. This relentless Desert Buggy performs best when driven with the kind of recklessness that leaves less capable buggies sidelined.


  • Ready-to-run
  • 540 Size 20T brushed motor
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Full range 2.4GHz transmitter
  • Rechargeable Dynamite® 7.2V 1800 mAh Ni-MH battery included
  • Dynamite® Ni-MH 110-240V charger included
  • Nylon composite chassis
  • Oil-filled shocks
  • Fully painted and decaled body
  • 2WD transmission with gear differentials
  • Captured hinge pins
  • Independent suspension


Product Training Video: https://youtu.be/hKBasf11voI

From their pinpoint precision to their versatility, buggies have been a mainstay in RC driving for a reason. The ECX® AMP™ Desert Buggy pays homage to buggies of the past with a classic design and modern features that leave less capable rigs sidelined. There's little that can slow down this no-nonsense buggy, not even Mother Nature thanks to waterproof electronics. Whenever you drive, you'll be protected by the hard-hitting durability that put the ECX brand on the map. Best of all, the AMP Desert Buggy is upgradable so you can take your driving to the next level. Equally ferocious on a straightaway or kicking up dirt, the AMP Desert Buggy is sure to electrify your senses.

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Tech Notes

You will need...

AA batteries for included transmitter


Type: Desert Buggy
Scale: 1/10
Length: 16.9 in (429.3mm)
Width: 12.9 in (327mm)
Wheelbase: 11.6 in (294.6mm)
Weight: 3.44 lbs (1.6kg)
Chassis: Injection molded nylon composite
Suspension: Independent
Drivetrain: 2WD
Tire Type: 4.3 in (110mm) All-terrain
Motor or Engine: Brushed 540 motor
Speed Control: Included
Radio: 2.4GHz, 2 channel
Servos: Included
Batteries: 7.4V 1800mAh 6-C Ni-MH
Charger: 200mA, 9V, EC3
Gear Pitch: 48-Pitch
Wheel Size: 2.2 in (55.9mm) diameter; 2.0 in (50.8mm) width
Shock Type: Oil-filled
Body: Silkscreened polycarbonate
Ball Bearings: Complete less steering

Item ID Description
DYN1050EC Speedpack 1800mAh Ni-MH 6-Cell Flat with EC3 Conn
DYN1171 Dynamite 20-Turn Brushed Motor
ECX1015 5x10x4mm Ball Bearing (8)
ECX1017 Chassis: 1:10 2wd Circuit
ECX1018 Fr Susp Arm (2): 1:10 2wd Circuit, Ruckus, Torment
ECX1019 R Susp Arm (2): 1:10 2wd Circuit, Ruckus, Torment
ECX1021 Transmission Case Set: 1:10 2wd All
ECX1022 Transmission Plastic Gear Set: 1:10 2wd All
ECX1023 Top Shaft & Spacer: 1:10 2wd All
ECX1024 Slipper Assembly: 1:10 2wd All
ECX1025 Transmission Pins and Diff Pins: 1:10 2wd All
ECX1026 Trans Outdrive Shaft (2): 1:10 2wd All
ECX1027 Gear Cover: 1:10 2wd All
ECX1028 Servo Saver Set: 1:10 2wd All
ECX1029 Top Plate: 1:10 2wd Circuit, Boost
ECX1033 3x13mm Driveshaft Screw (8)
ECX1035 Front Axle (2): 1:10 2wd All
ECX1036 Shock Body Set,Plastic: 1:10 2wd Cir/Ruc/Tor
ECX1037 Shock Cap, Piston, Pivot Ball Set: 1:10 2wd All
ECX1038 Shock End, Spr Cup, Spr Clip Set: 1:10 2wd All
ECX1039 Front Shock Shaft (2): 1:10 2wd Cir/Ruc/Tor
ECX1040 Rear Shock Shaft (2): 1:10 2wd Cir/Ruc/Tor
ECX1041 Fr Spring Blk, Medium (2): All 1:10 2wd
ECX1042 Rear Spring Blk,Medium(2): 1:10 2wd Cir/Ruc/Tor
ECX1043 Shock O-Ring Set: 1:10 2wd All
ECX1044 Hinge Pin Set: 1:10 2wd All
ECX1045 2.5x4mm BH Screw (8)
ECX1046 Link Set, Plastic: 1:10 2wd Cir/Ruc/Tor
ECX1048 Body Clips (8)
ECX1049 Wheel Pin (4): 1:10 2wd All
ECX1050 3x12mm Set Screw (4)
ECX1051 3x3mm Set Screw (6)
ECX1052 Washer/Shim Set
ECX1053 Foam Block: 1:10 2wd All
ECX1055 10x15x4mm Ball Bearing (2)
ECX1056 3x6x2.8mm Bushing (2)
ECX1057 3mm E-Clip (8)
ECX1058 Ball Stud (6)
ECX1059 M3 Locknut (4)
ECX1060 M4 Locknut, Flanged (4)
ECX1061 Screw Set (64): 1:10 2wd All
ECX1062 3x8mm Button Head Screw (10)
ECX1063 3x10mm Self-Tapping BH Screw (10)
ECX1064 3x12mm Self-Tapping BH Screw (10)
ECX1065 Shoulder Screw Set (8)
ECX1073 Pinion Gear, 19 Tooth x 48 Pitch
ECX1079 Spring Set, Soft, Red (4): 1:10 2wd Cir/Ruk/Torm
ECX1080 Spring Set, Firm, Blue (4): 1:10 2wd Cir/Ruk/Torm
ECX1087 Antenna Tube (1)
ECX1088 Battery Strap, ESC Plate: 1:10 2wd Circuit, Boost
ECX1092 Fr/R Suspension Mount Set: 1:10 2wd Circuit, Boost
ECX1093 Front Body Mount Set: Circuit
ECX1097 Universal Battery Strap (1): 1:10 2wd All
ECX1098 Motor screw/washer set
ECX13006 ESC/RX 2.4GHZ V3 1:10 SCALE WP
ECX2016 3x12mm Self-Tapping BH Screw (10)
ECX2017 3x18mm Self-Tapping BH Screw (10)
ECX2018 3x16mm BH Screw (10)
ECX2019 3x10mm BH Screw (10)
ECX230020 Body, White/Red: 1:10 AMP DB
ECX230022 Wing, Black: 1:10 AMP DB
ECX231000 Front Bumper, Motor Guard: 1:10 2wd Circuit, Boost
ECX232000 Dsft Set Long Compl HD(2):1:10 2wd Cir/Ruc/Tor
ECX232001 Rear Axle HD (2): 1:10 2wd Cir/Ruc/Tor
ECX232002 Dshft Lng Plastic Only HD(2):1:10 2wd Cir/Ruc/Tor
ECX232005 Pivot Ball HD (4): 1:10 2wd All
ECX232006 Spur87T,48p w/SlipPd:1:10 2wdAll
ECX234000 Caster Blck, Steer Block, RR Hub (2): 1:10 2wd All
ECX3010 Shock Tower Set: 1:10 2wd Boost
ECX3015 Wing, Body Mount Set: 1:10 2wd Boost
ECX3018 Pinion Gear, 20 Tooth x 48 Pitch
ECX43011 FR Tire, Premount, Black Wheel (2): 1:10 AMP DB
ECX43012 FR/R Tire,Prmnt,Blk Wheel (2):1:10 AMP MT/DB


AMP 1:10 2WD DB:Black/Yellow RTR (PART# ECX03029T1) - manual

AMP 1:10 2WD DB:Black/Yellow RTR (PART# ECX03029T1) - exploded parts view


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